Kindness to neighbors

 The following are among a few of the violations that will draw the attention of Baltimore County Code Enforcement and/or the Police Department:

  • Abandoned or inoperable cars in curbs or on property.
  • Abandoned and/or inoperable houses.
  • Trash in yards and curbs.
  • Speeding—children are at play. Animals such as geese and  ducks cross the street especially by the park.
  • Driving without seat belts.
  • Kids without safety seats in cars.
  • Running through stop signs  and red lights.
  • Loud music and staying in the  park after dark.
  • Selling Drugs. 
  • Growing or making drugs  especially on your property.
  • Littering.
  • Not having lids on trash cans.
  • Putting out trash too many days ahead of time—we have deer, foxes, raccoons, owls, ducks, geese, etc., that get into those trash cans.
  • Not cleaning up spilled trash.


Areas Covered


Gwynn Oak Community Association covers from South Flannery Lane down Gwynndale Avenue to Gwynn Oak Avenue. 

Gwynn Oak Avenue covering Royal Oak Avenue to Poplar Drive (includes Gwynndale Avenue, the first block of Purnell Drive, Birch Drive, Poplar Drive, Park Place, Parkview Road, and Park Drive).

Streets including South Flannery Lane from Liberty Road to Gwynndale Avenue (including S. Pembroke Avenue, Lewellen Avenue, Gradin Avenue, and South Montbel Avenue).